Bathtub Refinishing Stops Lead Poisoning

Bathtub refinishing stops lead poisoning caused by cracked, chipped old porcelain bathtubs. Re-glazing a bathtub is one sure way to prevent lead poisoning from them. It may shock you to know that your old cracked porcelain tub may be causing lead poisoning in your children.

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On April 19, 1995, ABC News on Good Morning America, confirmed and exposed for all to know that lead that leaches out from a cracked old enamel porcelain bathtub is the source of lead exposure that was responsible for lead poisoning that affected two children from Massachusetts. Even though it has been a long time since that investigative report, many old porcelain bathtubs that were built when it was in vogue to use coatings containing lead are very much around. When they get cracked, the lead is leached out.

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It is also known that people that made wine, soaked them in those old porcelain bathtubs.
When cracked, these bathtubs, leach the lead that was a big part of formulated coatings used till about fifteen to twenty years ago when they were banned.

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When your children bathe, play and perhaps drink the water in your old porcelain tub that is chipped, eroded or damaged, lead can sip through and contaminate the water thereby poisoning your precious ones. Children, especially those between the ages of six months and six years, are at high risk they are more likely to ingest lead particles.

The EPA estimates that more than 57 million homes in the U.S. have dangerous levels of lead. Additionally, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that almost half a million of the children that are living in the USA have levels of lead in their blood that are so high that they can cause irreversible damage to their health.

While lead poisoning can be caused by cracked or chipped old porcelain bathtub, other sources of lead poisoning include lead paint, water, plumbing, dust, ceramics, old toys, furniture, mini-blinds, and pottery.

The symptoms of lead poisoning are:

Impaired hearing and memory loss

Headaches and stomachaches

Irritability and fatigue

Learning disabilities and behavioral problems

Kidney and central nervous system damage

With all these symptoms, you see why we need to test your tub for symptoms of lead poisoning. Blood testing can reliably confirm whether your children have been exposed to lead or not.

Bathtub restoration or replacement are the only two ways to solve the problem of lead leaching out from old porcelain enameled tub. The most cost and time effective choice for getting rid of lead poisoning in a bathtub is re-glazing and sealing the tub against leaching. A professionally restored tub is warranted against coating failure for five years. Usually, they last a longer time if properly maintained. Interestingly, bathtubs that were tested as much as 8 years after refinishing were found to be free of any traces of lead.

If you are thinking of buying an older claw foot bathtub, make sure that you test it for lead before you use it. Old enamel porcelain tubs contain a lot of lead in the coatings that were available when they were manufactured.

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