Living Clean and Sober

I have been in recovery for 3 years, I have been sober since May 26th 2010. Although I decided to get clean at the same time, it took me 3 years to finally achieve 1 year of being clean. I had to have a relapse in order to finally convince myself that I was done, I had no doubt that I did not want to be an alcoholic and an addict however living life on life’s terms is hard.

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One of the biggest things I have found in being clean and sober is the need for sleep and feeling tired. When I was in active addiction I was never tired, it was simple do one line and boom any sign of being tired or any need for sleep was instantly erased. Now I frequently have naps and there are days when I could easily sleep 12 hours or longer (my girlfriend says it is just me catching up for all the years I survived on 2-5 hours of sleep per day)

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Another issue that I am frequently dealing with is feelings and emotions, I never realized how much I really don’t like myself until recently. I am constantly comparing myself to other people (which is not healthy) and I continuously find myself questioning why life is supposed to be so much better clean and sober. Don’t get me wrong I realize that using is not the answer. I think the answer lies in having a well balanced recovery program. Some people need to go to at least 1 twelve step meeting per day in order to stay on the right path, I feel as though once or twice a week works wonders for me at this stage of my recovery. Going to too many meetings seems like you are not really living it is kind of like just existing for 24 hour periods of time. However everyone is different and luckily I have finally found a group here in my area where I feel welcome and accepted even though I am cross addicted (alcohol and drugs).

Ascension House – Sober Living Austin is a newly renovated sober living home in the heart of Austin, TX. We offer a safe and supportive environment for those seeking to maintain their sobriety. Our comfortable setting and close proximity to downtown make it easy for residents to get to meetings, appointments, and other amenities.

Living clean and sober is actually somewhat boring. I used to spend at least 2 hours and usually much more than that finding and using my drugs of choice everyday. Now that I have all that time I need to find productive things to do with those extra hours. I would also like to add that even though I have been clean and sober for a respectable amount of time, I am still paying for my mistakes. Thankfully I am now less than a year from being debt free. With that being said paying for your mistakes years after making them is a harsh reminder that I get on a daily basis, which helps me remember why I am doing this and keeps me looking forward. Aside from the financial aspect of paying for my mistakes, there is also the toll it has taken on my health. I wont get into those issues today, suffice it to say that addiction leads to only 3 things Jails, Institutions and Death. I am already batting 2 out of 3 so thank God I got HELP!

Ultimately living clean and sober is the life I was meant to live, I now have a girlfriend that I love and hope to build a family with. I almost have money in the bank and I am actually taking care of my body, I just have to work on my brain! I am a work in progress not a work of perfection.

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