Steam Cleaner – The Perfect Upholstery Cleaning Tool

Furniture made of upholstery material provides style and elegance to the room but at the same time is quite delicate. By delicate it is meant that the upholstery fiber is pretty frail and proper care and attention is needed while cleaning upholstery furniture.

Nowadays upholstery furniture like sofas, chairs, carpets or even draperies are common in households. The upholstered ones especially the sofas and carpets are subject to frequent dust and dirt. So these pieces of furniture need to be cleaned on a frequent basis but while cleaning them it should also be kept in mind that the upholstered materials do not get damaged and faded out. But for thorough and effective cleaning of the carpets and sofas it requires much effort. Many times it has also been the case that after spending much effort in scrubbing and rinsing them, we find that the sofas, rugs and coverings not getting properly cleaned at all. Another problem is the application of harsh chemicals. Many of us with the intention of cleaning the upholstery structures thoroughly apply some harsh chemicals but ultimately it results in damaging them.

But with the invention of upholstery steam cleaners the job of deep and effective cleaning of upholstery materials has become all the more simple. Most of the modern steam cleaners generate steam through ordinary tap water. The steam is then applied with force on the area to be cleaned. The steam penetrates deep into the upholster fibers and loosens the dust, dirt and stains which in turn is vacuumed away. Thus apart from giving the upholstery furniture a proper cleaning the cleaners also maintain the design integrity i.e. the upholstery does not fade out.

There are certain things that one should consider while upholstery steam cleaning. The upholstery steam cleaners are specially designed so the possibility of the material getting damaged is practically nil. But still the cleaners should be applied very cautiously because the steam is generated at high temperatures. Water is the safest cleaning agent. One should avoid using any other harsh chemicals especially for the delicate upholstery items. Many steam cleaners come with eco friendly cleaning solutions approved by the manufacturers which are safe to use.

You can hire a cleaning agency to clean the upholstery sofa, carpets etc. But this is not always feasible and at the same time is very time consuming. Also you cannot do this frequently. So having a steam cleaning device for upholstery cleaning is a good investment. The best available ones depending on performance and price are MC1246 McCulloch steam cleaner, CE7000 Dirt Devil steam cleaner, Wagner 905 Steamer & Cleaner etc.

For best result it is always recommended to vacuum clean the upholstery furniture or carpet before steam cleaning them. This is because the initial vacuuming extracts the loose dirt and dust from the upper layers and then the steam cleaner deeply cleans it.

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